A course designed for age 5 to adult. Students will learn various repertoire from Baroque to 21st Century Period. From the beginning, we aim to teach students techniques of becoming a proficient performer. The course consists of vocalizing, vocal technique, repertoires, hearing exercises and music theory.

This graded vocal classic course is systematically designed to help students develop a broad base of musical skill and concepts. Every year, students will have the opportunity to sing in groups or choir to develop their musicianship skill.

Assessments & Examinations


A course designed for age 5 to adults. Students will be able to sing pop and jazz song. The curriculum included vocalizing, vocal technique, repertoires, improvisation, hearing and stage performance. This enjoyable course will help students to sing and explore their favorite songs in ways they’ve never did before. Students will be prepared to perform on a stage or as simple as in a karaoke room.

Assessments & Examinations


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