A course designed for age 5 years old until adult. Students will learn various repertoires from the Baroque to 21st Century Period. From the beginning, we aim to teach students techniques of becoming a proficient performer. The course consists of technical exercises, repertoire, hearing, keyboard harmony, improvisation, and music theory. This graded piano classic course is systematically designed to aid students in developing a broad sense of musical skills and concepts. Every year, students will have the opportunity to play in group/ensemble to develop their musicianship skill.

Assessments & Examinations



Music is timeless, it is good for any age groups. For adults, music is not only for entertaining or education purposes anymore, but also as a successful method of brain therapy.

The Adult Piano course is designed for age 15 to adults. The objective of this course is to provide adults who have never learned the piano before with the skills to play it. Students will learn how to play melody and chord changes of famous songs while familiarizing themselves with notes reading and improvisation


Assessments & Examinations

  • There are no examinations required.


A course designed for age 7 to adults. Students will be able to play pop and jazz tunes with chords and melodies.  The curriculum included improvisation and hearing exercises.

Assessments & Examinations


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